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Vorontsovskaya str., 5
73000, Kherson, Ukraine

SKL ltd was formed in 2005 by a well-organised team of dedicated and diversified professionals constantly looking for new challenges and achievements.

Once joined the business of shipping industry we are proud to keep the highest level of services rendered to our clientele ever since.


Our company is always opened for mutual parnership with new clients and always ready to provide following services.


Our company:

  • represents interests of Shipowner and assists in questions of sea/river shipping in Ukrainian sea and river ports;
  • establish a legal relations Shipowner with third parties in interests by itself Shipowner;
  • make different formalities for arrival vessel in port (calculating disbursement account, organization of pilotage and demand of waterborne platform, agreement with border, customs and harbour departments and others);
  • make agree and prepare cargo documents, make statement of facts;
  • organize vessel repair, vessel's and navigation equipment;
  • regularly inform master and Shipowner about loading and unloading services in port;
  • give information about active rules and it changes in port and appropriative authorities by Shipowners request;
  • help Master to establish contacts with port and local authorities;
  • represents interests of Shipowner in state institutes and private structures, organize medical service of seamen;
  • make the change of crew, repatriation and immigration and customs legalization;
  • organize survey inspection of vessels and cargoes, tally services;
  • make sea protests;
  • organize the receipt of cash for the master with registration of bank documents.

Hundred thousand tons of grain and oil cargoes, fertilises, minerals, timber and other raw materials were exported by Kherson port with the help of our Forwarding department, providing best services at the adequate rate and full satisfaction of every our Client.

We provide such forwarding services:

  • forwarding inside port of all types of cargoes general bulk and liquid;
  • customs clearance and certification of cargoes.

For clients who want to carry part of cargo our chartering department ready to carry out chartering of all types of vessels, including sea and river cargo vessels, tankers.

In the range of our services includes:

  • chartering vessels as sea and the river tonnage;
  • control during loading and unloading;
  • tracking the movement of the vessel;
  • help and consulting, settlement in disputes with Shipowners/chartering.
Transshipment services

We offer the range of services for the implementation of transshipment in Kherson port:

  • arranging of cargo-handling operations with foreign trade and transit cargoes;
  • carry out operative stock-taking of arrival cargo at port;
  • exercise control over the proper warehousing and storage, registration of all necessary documentation;
  • carry out calculations for the production of port cargo handling work, storage of goods in stock and other types of services;
  • organize storage of cargo at the port in the equipped warehouses.
Customs clearance

Our company provides customs brokerage services based on the license of the State Customs Service of Ukraine.

  • provides for the declaration of goods, property, vehicles, etc. that cross the customs area of Ukraine, their customs clearance in Kherson, as well as services related to foreign trade;
  • represents the interests of the duly authorised representatives and act on its behalf in their relations with the customs authorities on the basis of power of attorney and instructions issued.


Kherson sea commercial port
Kherson river port
Novaya Kakhovka river port
Zaporozhye river port
Dnepropetrovsk river port
Dneprodzerzhynsk river port
Kremenchyg river port
Kiev river port
Skadovsk sea commerce port
Ochakov sea port
Our company provides also ship agency services in following seaports:
  • Belgorod-Dnestrovskiy merchant sea port
  • Dnepro-Bugskiy merchant sea port
  • Izmail merchant sea port
  • Chernomorsk merchant sea port
  • Nikolaev merchant sea port
  • Odessa merchant sea port
  • Oktyabrsk specialized sea port
  • Reni merchant sea port
  • Yuzhniy merchant sea port
In addition we carry out our work on grain elevators in Tyaginka, Dnipryany, Kairy (Gornostaevka), Zolotaya Balka.


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Vorontsovskaya str., 5
73000, Kherson, Ukraine